Descendant Charts

Descendants of selected ancestors:

Robert Lévesque (1641-1699) and Jeanne Chevalier (1638-1716), married 1679 - 7 generations

Charts of the direct descendants of:

Firmin Lévesque (1830-1905) and Esther Pelletier (1832-1900)

Jabus Loakes (1818-1902) and Ellen Maroney (?-1860)

William Iwinski (1861-?) and Angelina Kaczmarek (1864-1931)

Valentine Glubka (?-1896) and Marcine Bystrom (?-1880)

Daniel Edward Sullivan (?-1849) and Isabel ? (?-1849)

Our direct descendency from:

Charles I, dit Charlemagne, roi des Francs et empereur d’Occident (2 Apr 742 - 28 Jan 814)

Our Special Project

We’re intent on finding every descendant of Firmin Lévesque (1829-1905) and Esther Pelletier (1832-1900).  Help us by checking out and adding to our register and index (1336 direct descendants & spouses) of:

Firmin Lévesque (1798-1854) and Félicité Létourneau (~1807-1889), married 1828

Reunion Web Cards for Firmin Lévesque (1829-1905) and Esther Pelletier (1832-1900)

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Bishop / Lévesque Photographs

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